Are drivers required to give me a certain distance when passing?


Yes, 3 feet. Violations are punishable by $35 fine.1CA Veh. Code Sec. 21760

Is drunk cycling illegal?

Yes.2CVC 21200.5

What are the rules about equipment?3Cal Veh Code Sec. 21202 and 21204

  • Bicycles must be equipped with at least a brake which allows operators to execute a wheelskid on dry, level, clean pavement.
  • Handlebars must not be higher than the rider’s shoulders.
  • Bicycles must be small enough for the rider to stop, support it with one foot on the ground, and restart safely.
  • At night bicycles must be equipped with a white headlight or white light attached to the rider and visible from the front.
  • Bicycles must also have a rear red reflector and white or yellow pedal reflectors. There must be a white or yellow reflector on the front of the bicycle visible from the side, and a red or white reflector on the rear of the bicycle visible from the side.
  • All riders must have a permanent, regular seat. Bicycle passengers under 40 lbs. must have a seat which retains them in place and protects them from moving parts.

Am I allowed to wear earplugs or headphones while cycling?

Yes, but you may not cover BOTH ears.4CVC 27400

Am I allowed to bike on the sidewalk?

In the city of LA, yes, as long as you don’t willfully disregard the safety of others or their property.5LAMC 56.15

Do I have to wear a helmet or make my child wear one?

If you are over 18 you do not need to wear a helmet. If you are under 18 and either a cyclists or passenger on a bike, you must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet.6CVC 21212

Do I always have to travel on the right side of the road in the direction of traffic?

Yes.7CVC 21650

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