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Covid Rental Relief is Here! See the latest.



6 Helpful Things I Do for My Clients That You Should Expect From Your Lawyer

I Wish All Lawyers Did These Basic Things I Do for My Legal Clients


Hey LA: Full Parking Enforcement Has Resumed!

But there’s some good news: new programs to help pay for any parking tickets you get (or already have).




Laws related to Coronavirus are moving fast!

Check out our new Guide to Coronavirus-related Laws in Los Angeles.



AB5 Gig Worker Law: Author of AB5 now says she is interested in easing restrictions on freelance writers, photographers, musicians, and small businesses. Read more at Who is a Freelancer in California.



Opinion: As a Lawyer for Freelancers, I Find the New California Gig Worker Law (AB 5) Maddening


Gig Economy: Lawmakers have passed a new law reclassifying many “freelancers” as employees instead. This is AB5, also known as the “gig worker bill.” See more at our new post What’s the Deal with the New Gig Worker Law (AB5)?.


Renter Rights: California has now become the 2nd state (after Oregon) to pass statewide rent control. But many cities already have rent control, even stronger than the new state law. What does it all this mean for your rent?

Check out our updated Guide to Rent Control in California.


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