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AB5 Gig Worker Law: Author of AB5 now says she is interested in easing restrictions on freelance writers, photographers, musicians, and small businesses. Read more at Who is a Freelancer in California.



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Opinion: As a Lawyer for Freelancers, I Find the New California Gig Worker Law (AB 5) Maddening


The 33 New California Laws for 2020 that You Need to Know

From new statewide rent control, to new limits on police use of deadly force, to an increase in minimum wage, to a new requirement to have health insurance, and so much more, Californians will see some major changes and updates to the laws in 2020.


Holiday Time: From relaxed parking restrictions, or if you’re flying or buying (gifts), here’s some holiday-related laws you need to know.


Gig Economy: Lawmakers have passed a new law reclassifying many “freelancers” as employees instead. This is AB5, also known as the “gig worker bill.” See more at our new post What’s the Deal with the New Gig Worker Law (AB5)?.


Renter Rights: California has now become the 2nd state (after Oregon) to pass statewide rent control. But many cities already have rent control, even stronger than the new state law. What does it all this mean for your rent?

Check out our updated Guide to Rent Control in California.

Bnb bed and breakfast sign

AirBnB: As of Nov 1, new AirBnB rules go into effect for the city of Los Angeles.

Check it out at our Guide to Short Term Rental Laws in the city of Los Angeles.

Animal Rights: As of September 2019, there is now a ban on fur trapping for animal pelts in California. However, it is generally not illegal to sell fur in California, except for in a few cities. But the state may soon pass a law to change this. See more at our Guide to Animal Rights in California.



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