Help! I’m having problems with the product I bought but the seller isn’t cooperating!

So you bought a new gizmo and something’s not quite right. First you should of course contact the seller or manufacturer. If they are being shady and/or evasive, here’s what you need to know:

What are my rights after buying a product?

(1) You may reject (refuse to accept) a product that does not conform to the contract or the seller’s promises. The seller would then have an opportunity to fix the problem, and if he does so, you must then accept the product. If he does not, you may cancel the purchase.1Cal Com. Code 2601, 2711(1)

(2) If you have already accepted a product, you may revoke your acceptance of a product if it substantially fails to conform to the contract and the seller’s promises, and may cancel the purchase.2Com. Code 2608, 2711(1)

(3) Lemon Law. If a consumer product under warranty cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the company providing the warranty (usually manufacturer or retailer) must either replace the defective product or reimburse its price, less the amount attributable to your use.3Civ. Code Sec. 1793.2(d), 1793.22(b)

See more consumer rights laws here.


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