LA Law News Digest – June 2015

6/29 – California governor Jerry brown has signed into law legislation to require parents to vaccinate their children before sending them to public or private school or day-care. Currently, parents may be exempt from this requirement based on personal beliefs, but the new law would allow exemption ONLY for children who have a medical condition that makes vaccination risky.

6/21 – The L.A. City Council recently made it easier and quicker to remove homeless people’s stuff. The rules used to require that the city give homeless people 72 hours notice before confiscating items. Now no notice is required to remove bulky items such as sofas and mattresses, and only 24 hours notice is required for smaller stuff. But they are rethinking whether this is too harsh.

6/18 – California government will give about $1 million to 3 wrongly convicted people, including $142k to a former football player for serving 5 years in prison for a false rape claim, about $600k to a woman who spent 17 years in prison, wrongfully convicted for murder, and $229k to a man against whom false evidence was used to convict him.

6/17 – Children 18 or younger who are in the country illegally will soon be eligible for public healthcare coverage in California. The change will affect about 170,000 immigrants, and will be implemented in May of next year.

6/3 – The city of LA is considering banning AirBnBs by people who don’t actually live in the unit. The city of Long Beach is moving towards increasing penalties on landlords who don’t properly maintain units, leaving them in unsafe conditions.

6/2 – Today is election day in West Hollywood! It is a Special Election to elect one member of the city council.

6/1 – California legislature moving forward on another minimum wage increase. Currently, state minimum wage is at $9/hr and is set to increase to $10/hr on January 1. The new bill would increase that to $11/hr on Jan 1, and then up to $13/hr in 2017. (Note: the city of LA recently increased minimum wage to $15/hr by 2020)

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