LA Law News Digest – July 2015

7/14 – New state law prohibits local governments from fining residents who let their lawns go brown. Legislation passed a few months ago also prohibits homeowner associations from penalizing residents for brown lawns.

7/7 – Blue Shield has excessive surpluses, more than $4 Billion, and should be offering more affordable health coverage, says an audit by state tax officials. The audit was conducted last year, but was only made public a few days ago. It led to the state revoking Blue Shield’s tax exempt status as a nonprofit last year. The health insurer is currently appealing this decision.

7/6 – “Billionaire’s Beach” in Malibu, officially known as Carbon Beach, is now open to the public after years of legal battles with homeowner. Legally, the public has the right to access California’s beaches; see more about beach laws here.

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