Los Angeles Coronavirus Laws

Updates on Laws Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Los Angeles County

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New laws related to coronavirus are being created almost every day now. Here’s the latest.

We are currently in Stage 2 of the County’s “Roadmap to Recovery.” This means some loosening of the coronavirus restrictions. Stage 2 will continue “until further notice.”

See the full text of the latest Safer at Home Order for Stage 2.1California Health and Safety Code§120295; Los Angeles County Code§ 11.02.080

Important information is summarized below.


Are we able to have house parties yet?

Yes, but gatherings may not consist of more than 3 households. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests. All gatherings must be held outside.

Face masks

As of April 15, all 10 million residents in Los Angeles County must now wear a mask or other face covering when in grocery stores and other essential businesses. This comes after other cities passed the same requirements, including the city of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Long Beach.

Workers at many businesses must also cover their faces. Businesses must either provide face coverings, or reimburse employees for buying them.

Face coverings for residents and workers may include simple cloth masks, bandanas, scarves, etc. Residents are strongly urged NOT to buy N95 or medical-grade masks, so that medical and emergency professionals will have enough.

Rent & Evictions

As of March 23, most evictions in the city of Los Angeles are temporarily prohibited. For those outside the city of Los Angeles, there is California statewide relief from certain evictions.

Price Gouging

Los Angeles city law prohibits price increases of more than 10% during an emergency.

Parking Restrictions Relaxed

The city of Los Angeles is now fully enforcing parking restrictions.

Protections for Employees

Employees need to know about their rights to sick leave and other time off, minimum wage, and other protections. See our Guide to Employee Rights.

Businesses & Other Activities

Most businesses in Los Angeles County are allowed to be open, as long as they follow protocols such as ensuring physical distancing, sanitizing, etc.

See updates here.

More information

See the Los Angeles Coronavirus website at: https://corona-virus.la/faq


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