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LA Law News Digest – May 2015

5/28 – California legislature is considering expanding MediCal (healthcare coverage for low income people) to people in the country illegally, and to those under age 19. 5/22 – California water regulators and farmers in Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta agree to plan for the farmers to reduce water use by 25%. 5/19 – L.A. City Council voted to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour

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2015 is the Year Chickens Finally Get to Spread Their Wings in California

chicken coop cages inhumane

Thanks to a law taking effect January 1, farm animals in California will now get to live luxuriously. Well, not exactly. But farmers in our forward-thinking state must now give certain animals enough space to fully extend their limbs and turn around freely. Imagine that! The law mostly targets chickens, as many (if not most) farms have been keeping chickens in cages so small

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Don’t Post Nude Pics of Your Ex, Or You Could End Up in Jail Like Noe Iniguez

partially nude revenge porn

A Los Angeles man was recently convicted under California’s new “Revenge Porn” law. The law, which went into force in October 2013, makes it illegal to post or send out nude photos of someone who had allowed you to take them but where there was an understanding that they would remain private. (A law has already existed for awhile that makes

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Street Harassment: Hurtful, and Much of it is Illegal in California and Other States

Woman in despair against brick wall

Over 34 million people have now seen this video showing some of the harassment a woman experienced while walking the streets of New York City for 10 hours: Hollaback!, the non-profit organization that produced the video, wanted to start a conversation, and they got one – both positive and very, very negative. The woman appearing in the video, Shoshana Roberts, has received plenty of

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Did the propositions you voted for pass? So now what happens?

VOTED stamp

Update Nov 2018: We see this post is still getting some traction, even though it’s old news. To get info on ballot propositions in general, check out our Guide to the Rules for Ballot Propositions in California You voted! See wasn’t that fun? Wait you did vote, right? Well regardless, we now have some new laws and government action, effective today (ballot initiatives

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Getting legal advice over the phone can be as quick and easy as ordering a pizza

Legal advice like pizza delivery

Have you ever had a burning legal question and needed to talk to a lawyer about it NOW? With new services from and*, it’s now much easier to get a real attorney on the phone right away, answering your questions.’s Avvo Advisor promises to get you a satisfactory answer from an attorney within 30 minutes or it’s free. Sounds a lot like ordering

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