Guide to Animal Rights Laws in Los Angeles

Most animal rights laws are made at the state level, so be sure to see our Guide to Animal Rights in California.

Is it illegal to use animals for entertainment or party purposes?

As of February 2020, in the city of Los Angeles, it is illegal to use wild or exotic animals for entertainment purposes, including for house parties. This includes lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffes, and any other animal that isn’t typically domesticated.

Is it legal to sell fur or manufacture fur in California?

As of September 2019, there is now a ban on fur trapping for animal pelts in California. However, it is generally not illegal to sell fur in California, except for in a few cities. But the state may soon pass a law to change this.

As of August 2019, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and other cities currently have fur bans.

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In these cities, the general rule is that stores may not sell fur clothing or accessories unless it is vintage (used), or from an animal that was trapped under a state license.

Is it legal for stores to sell pets that come from a breeder?

Several cities in California prohibit stores from selling cats, dogs, or rabbits that come from a commercial breeder (aka “puppy mill”). These cities include Los Angeles, Irvine, Hermosa Beach and West Hollywood. But in general, stores may still sell rescued animals (“rescues”) such as from a shelter. And cities generally do NOT ban individuals from buying directly from breeders.

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