Guide to Rules for Marijuana Businesses in the Los Angeles Area

Most laws related to selling marijuana are made at the state level. See our Guide to Marijuana Businesses in California.

City of Los Angeles

In the city of Los Angeles, the new rules for cannabis businesses are slightly different from the statewide rules. Businesses must be licensed by both the state and the city of LA.

Where can the shop be located?

  • Retail cannabis businesses must be at least 700 feet from “sensitive” sites like schools and parks
  • Non-retail and delivery businesses must be at least 600 feet from sensitive sites
  • As with liquor establishments, there is a cap on the number of pot shops per neighborhood

Are there any hiring requirements?

  • Yes. 30% of the employees of a cannabis business must live within a 3 mile radius; 10% of the employees must be transitional workers

Can consumers use marijuana at the shop after purchasing?

  • No. Currently the city of LA does NOT allow on-site consumption, but the City Council is considering changing that

City of Pasadena

In Pasadena, the sale of recreational or medical cannabis is banned completely.1Chapter 8.77 of the Pasadena Municipal Code And cultivating marijuana for commercial purposes is also banned in Pasadena.

City of West Hollywood

The city of West Hollywood now allows cannabis restaurants, cafes, and consumption lounges.

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