Guide to Laws About Weapons in Los Angeles

GunCalifornia, and specifically Los Angeles, have some of the strongest gun control laws in the country. Here we list local Los Angeles laws about weapons, but there are also state and federal laws. See our Guide to Laws about Weapons in California, and Guide to Laws about Weapons in the U.S.

What are the rules on handguns in the City of Los Angeles?

  • You may not carry (have on your person) or fire a firearm within the city of LA unless you have a permit from the Board of Police Commissioners.1LAMC Sec 55.00, 55.01
  • Permits must be renewed every year.2LAMC 55.02
  • You may not purchase more than one handgun within a 30 day period.3LAMC 55.14
  • Firearms are not allowed in L.A. City parks.4LAMC 63.44 B 21

What are the rules on other weapons in Los Angeles?

  • You may not carry a knife (with at least 3 inch blade) in public unless it is concealed. This does NOT apply where a person is wearing or carrying a knife or dagger for use in a lawful occupation, for lawful recreational purposes, or as a recognized religious practice, or while the person is traveling to or returning from participation in such activity.5LAMC 55.10
  • You may not use a bow and arrow, including crossbow, within the city of LA, except at an established target range.6LAMC Sec 55.06


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